Socky Announcement

Meet Socky - the ultimate open-source, cross-platform, secure push server solution for your web applications! Socky uses standard WebSockets where available, with graceful fallback to Flash-based component making it usable even on mobile devices running iOS, Android and other Flash-enabled browsers.

Socky project consists of two independent tools - the Ruby-based push server and client-side library. Socky was developed with performance in mind - the server scales well among any number of hosts and can handle thousands of users on a single host making it perfect for things like chat, broadcasting and other real-time communication features.

What makes Socky different from the competing products? It’s is free of charge, doesn’t require any external servers, uses web standards where possible and has few dependencies making it the easiest, cheapest and most universal solution. Over 700 downloads during the first 4 months of development speak for themselves!

Key features:

  • SSL-enabled
  • compatible with Ruby 1.8 and 1.9, jruby and rubinius
  • plugin for rails 2.2+ available
  • no 3rd party servers involved
  • high scalability

Supported platforms:

  • Google Chrome or any other browser supporting WebSockets or Flash
  • iOS 4.2+
  • Android with Flash/Flash Lite
  • Any other device with WebSockets or Flash/Flash Lite support

Find out more about Socky at